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Unlimited Virus Removals
Only applies to PCs

($199.99 Value)

Unlimited Computer Tune-ups
($99.99 Value)
Tech Headz Pro PC
Tech Headz Pro Windows Server Version

Tech Headz Pro Mac Version

Unlimited Troubleshooting

On printers, email and software.

Click on the Tech Headz Pro image to download and install the remote Anti-Frustration Software

Includes Internet Security Software
($49.99 value)

The Process is very simple:

Step 1 – click on the Tech Headz Pro image above to download the app on your computer.

Step 2 – install the app on your computer. (this will report any problems with your computer right away and I can evaluate this and make recommended automated updates and fixes for you). 

Step 3 – Click on the Subscribe button below and begin the $20/mo subscription for your computer. Which will register you as a paying customer for the included services for your computer.

Unlimited Device Setups
Get your camera, MP3 player or printer setup.

Special Offers for In-Home Service

Want to know more?
GIVE US A CALL 1-800-509-3897

1, 2, and 3 year plans available.

Special Limited Time Only $20.00/mo per Device No activation fee – Subscribe below

Tech Headz NY 20 per month per device special offer


What We Do

  • 347-785-2193

    Have you Backed Up Your Computer (Important Data) today? We have great solutions for you... Contact us

  • Web Design

    Create Your Image Create Your Company Image Flyers, Business Cards, Envelopes, Magazines, etc...

  • Marketing, Online

    Yelp, Constant Contact, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc... Get listed, people will find you if you are... Listed... Do you have a video?

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