Aleathia Brown has been a client for many years. We have worked together on workshops to help the artist community in Harlem via Harlem Arts Alliance workshops to help with digitizing art for applications and presentations to sponsors online. Workshops on Social Media and how to present your art on social media. Recently assisted with workshops on Jazzmobile for seniors – Tap into your inner creative – Art Workshops. Recently been working on updating her website:

Robert Washuta, Esq. has been a client for many years since I had an office on Wall St. He keeps me on speed dial for any technical issues on his computer. I made his first website and have updated his beautiful new website to what it is today. This was only possible with his wife’s help of her vision and she was very picky about that vision; good thing because it came out wonderful.

Marvin Carrington aka Mac, hair stylist to the professionals – he had been working with someone for a while who moved out of state and it was not working out well. I came along and said I can finish his website up in a week. I visited him at the salon and took some time to understand his vision and proceeded to update his website within the week.

Islamic Center School on 97th Street – a great private school for Islamic kids to learn. One of the parents had a great vision and I was able to help them realize that vision on their website at the beginning of 2021.